Stretch Mark Removal

Another capability of the Fotona Erbium Laser system is the stretch mark removal service.

What Are Stretch Marks
Stretch marks are the occurence of lines in the skin caused by a breakdown in the dermis that becomes visible through the epidermis or skin.

What Causes Stretch Marks
There are many reasons stretch marks can form. Some stretch marks are caused by medicines and steroids called glucocorticoids. They are also formed when skin is stretched for a prolonged period of time whether from rapid weight gain or growth. The prolonged stretching causes stress on the collagen in the dermis and can cause the dermis to tear, creating a discolored mark on the surface of the skin.

Who develop stretch Marks
Adolescents who have had a rapid growth spurt, women during pregnancy and people who have quickly become obese are at most risk for developing stretch marks.

How Are Stretch Marks Removed
Stretch marks can be treated with topical creams and laser therapies. At SlimVision, patients will receive the newest laser treatment with our Fotona Erbium Laser System which promotes the growth of collagen and elastin in the dermis.