Laser Acne Treatment

A Complete Acne Remedy

The Fotona ND Yag Laser can be a powerful anti acne solution. The laser produces enough heat to actually stop the growth of bacteria that causes teenage acne. Treatments with the Fotona laser can be performed as often as needed per breakout.
Acne scars, those unsightly reminders of past acne troubles, are treated by the Fotona Erbium Laser. The laser can effectively heal acne scars through its ability to precisely

ablate the layers of skin only where its needed. This technology finally allows patients to get a full-spectrum acne remedy that destroys the root causes of acne and follows up with acne scarring therapy to leave skin more smooth and beautiful than ever!
The results gotten from the treatment are dramatic and can be used for every breakout. The Erbium laser is also the only laser that allows for treatments close to the upper eyelid.Our patients have experienced unrivaled results that last long and don’t leave marks.